Saturday, 4 August 2012

Autumn gets going

Well it's been a little quiet out here today with winds stopping day boats, but it's been getting busier out in the bay as the tankers take shelter from the Southerly winds.

And the Puffins may be thin on the ground now but there are still plenty of birds giving good shows to visitors.  The Peregrines are missing their former prey so are turning their eye to things like the Kittiwake, with stooping dives through the flocks at The Wick and even plucking them straight from the cliffs.  In between attacks they can sometimes be seen perching out in the open planning their next move.

And the precocious young gulls continue to loiter around the paths, with the odd one or two becoming quite friendly.  It won't be too long before they start to disperse but until then they are enjoying their time ruling over the ponds of Skomer- Moorey Mere being particularly full of them bathing throughout the day.

Lewis (Hostel Warden)

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