Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wardens snowed in....

Snow piling up against the back door

but don't worry, it's not that bad.

Reportedly the coldest March for over 50 years and bad weather returns to our shores again. Today, despite persistent easterly winds, we had to get Will, our Hostel warden and two gas men out to the island in order to have any chance of being ready for our first visitors. Credit is due to all those who played a part in this. Andy and Ryan (the gas men) managed to get the boilers at the farm up and running and the population of the island has just increased by 25%. We now hope that the weather improves sufficiently for the first visitors to enjoy the Island as well.

You might not be able to see it but it is snowing in this picture

Freshly eaten Manx Shearwater (it wasn't me, honestly)

Manx Shearwaters have only been back from their wintering grounds off South America for a short while and are already getting eaten. Returning to the island at night is one way of reducing the risk but even that doesn't always work. Puffin numbers are building up, especially in the afternoons, and there were over 3,000 just outside North Haven this evening. Migrants are passing in small numbers and include two relatively early Ring Ouzels, Red Kites, Sand Martins, chiffchaffs, Robins and Wheatears.    

In between the bad weather: a little ray of African sun
Will Whittington, new Hostel Warden, reporting for duty


  1. Hi there,

    Will Skomer Island be open for visitors for Easter this weekend? We'd love to see some puffins this weekend!


  2. Hello Liz

    So sorry for not responding earlier, we were open all Easter weekend but as the weather was not that good there were no Puffins and we were not able to run boats on Sunday and Monday. Hope you can make it to Skomer at some point.


  3. We all know in time winter we all deadly need boiler system to make us comfortable. I hope you got good visitors at island. The above pictures are beautiful and really the first one is incredible to see snow in. Anyway, always good luck!