Monday, 1 April 2013

Batleur; New to Britain

Looking at some strange photos of an unfamiliar raptor that was spotted by visitors and volunteers yesterday we realised that a bird new to Britain had briefly visited the island. The visitor who took the photograph said that all the Lesser Black-backed Gulls on the island seemed to get up and chase the bird until it was back over the sea when she was then able to take this record shot of it. We identified it retrospectively as a Juvenile by its distinctive wing and tail shape and the mostly brown plumage. If anyone else saw the bird yesterday or today we would appreciate hearing about it. What an amazing sighting.

Juvenile Batleur spotted over the island yesterday

In other news, we also discovered a secret tea factory operating in subterranean tunnels and caves deep within the islands core being run by dwarfs.



  1. Have you found the chip shop at Tom's House yet?!

  2. You really shouldn't have exposed the dwarfs. The tea quality will dip for sure. Don't mention the Biscuit Fairies...