Monday, 20 July 2015

Kraken part 2

Many volunteers and visitors ask us how Kranken is doing so I thought I should give you an update. Kraken now lives most of the time in my vegetable garden which is fenced in due to the rabbits. To my slight dismay, Ed dug a pond in one of the corners of my garden (a few potatoes had to be harvested to make room). Kraken now loves swimming in his pond and eating all the snails in my garden which is fine by me!!
Kranken in the garden

Kraken also has taken up yoga, streching his fast growing wings and exercising his legs.
Duck work out

Kranken is just amazing to watch and we were all astonished when he dived to the bottom of our water butt.
Kraken having a rest on my hand

And of course Kraken is still a star at bird log 

He just loves being in the centre of attention and...

 is a real Skomer fan..

Now that he is growing bigger and bigger we had to swap his indoor Tupper ware swimming pool for a large plastic box.

"Hello, I am Kraken, a Shoveler Duck as you can see!"
(Skomer Warden)

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  1. Many thanks for the update on this star of our visit to your enchanted island.
    We wish him well.
    Clive & Mark