Sunday, 26 July 2015

Keeping warm

As some of our regular guest might know: Skomer can get rather chilly, especially in spring and autumn.

But don't worry: from now onwards no one will get cold feet anymore thanks to 38 ladies from the
Mathry/Cemaes Crochet Group who donated lots of amazing hand made blankets to Skomer. These blankets now brighten up our hostel bedrooms and work their magic against chilly bones.

One of the hostel rooms with the brand new blankets

A MASSIVE THANK YOU goes to all the lovely ladies who spent their spare time making these amazing pieces of art.

Some of the ladies who made the blankets (and me in the middle -even though I don't know how to crochet)

Speaking of the hostel: Why not come and stay on Skomer, there is lots to see in late summer and early autumn. The Shearwaters are at their best in August and September. The nights are filled with their sounds as parents come in to feed their chicks and the little come out of their burrows to exercise their wings. For a taster have a look at this video clip.

We also get large flocks of Ravens visiting in autumn which are a joy to watch when they do their aerial acrobatics and of course the seal pupping season will begin soon.

Playing Raven (photo E Stubbings)

If you are interested in staying have a look at our homepage, we still have availability and in August we offer special overnight stays for families with activities for children.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Manx Shearwater chick weighing

Manx Shearwater chicks are the cutest!

(Skomer Warden)

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  1. We stayed last week and can confirm that those lovely blankets are indeed warm and cozy