Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Island Adventure Day 10, 11 and 12

Hello and Good Bye

We were so busy that we did not get time to write sooner, so here is what happened in the last three days:

On Monday we wanted to meet Tim and Alice to look at Voles, but we could not find them. So we played Kubb with two volunteers, it was great fun. After that we went with Bee on the Neck to look for baby seals, but we didn’t see any. In the evening we drove with the boat to the mainland to pick up Anabel’s dad. He has come to take us back to Germany because we are not allowed to fly home alone. The boat trip was great fun!

"Faster Eddie, faster!"
The faster you go the wetter you get
On Tuesday we woke up early, because we wanted to see the Voles. It was our last chance because Tuesday was our last day :-(. We are sorry to leave because Skomer is so beautiful and everybody comes here to enjoy pure nature. 

This time we found Tim and we were allowed to look at Wood mice and Skomer Voles. Lots of the voles have babies at the moment so we had to be very careful and put them back quickly.

They are so cute!

At lunch time we went with Bee onto South Haven beach to pick up rubbish. There was soooo much rubbish, it was terrible. We found wellingtons, an ink cartridge and lots of plastic bottles.


...and after

Our entire haul

In the evening we had to pack our bags, cook dinner and say good bye to all the people on the island. It was great fun for us and we will come back again hopefully!

We hope you enjoyed our blog and that you will visit Skomer one day. This is our last blog as we are going to fly home on Wednesday afternoon. Thank you for reading…

We wish you a good time. Good bye 

Last boat trip back to the mainland on Wednesday at 7am

 A&A xxx


  1. I have really enjoyed reading this diary - it must have been the holiday of a lifetime!! A&A conveyed the interest and excitement of a stay on Skomer beautifully. I know A&A have gone now but can you pass this on please??

  2. Thank you very much for your lovely comment. I will tell Anabel and Annika that you enjoyed their blog. They were always asking me how many people were reading it and they will be thrilled to hear that you liked their blog. Bee (Skomer Warden)