Monday, 10 August 2015

Island Adventure Day 9

Hello All

Yesterday morning we saw lots of Common Dolphins in the North Haven, they were so close that we could see their yellow sides and we spotted baby dolphins swimming next to their mums! All the people who live on the island came and wanted to look at them.

Can you spot the mum with the baby?

Here you can tell who is who

We would have loved to be on the boat

If you want to see a video that Bee took have a look here:

In the afternoon we did a Round the Island Cruise. It was very beautiful we saw Puffins and Seals…, but sadly no more Dolphins. On the boat we felt seasick, but when we were on land it was better.

Doing a ...

...Round the Island Cruise

In the evening we watched a film but we couldn’t concentrate because so many Manx Shearwaters were crushing into the house. At 11 o’clock we took our torches with red lights and walked around the house. We wanted to make sure the Shearwaters were alright.

When you want to watch Shearwaters at night you have to have a torch with a red light. Bright white light is not good for the birds, they don’t like it and it dazzles them. Then they fly into the house even more.

A&A xxx

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