Saturday, 8 August 2015

Island Adventure Day 7 & 8

Hey Skomer Fans

Yesterday on day 7 we had breakfast in the sunny library. After that we went for a walk and in the evening we took our little boat over to the mainland. I (Anabel) was allowed to drive and it worked really well, but when I went too fast we all got wet.

On the mainland we had to walk all the way from Martin’s Haven to Mullock Cottage. It took us over an hour but it was a nice walk. At Mullock Cottage we set up nets to catch swallows which wanted to sleep in the reed. We caught over 100 swallows and we were allowed to release them. At 10pm we got a lift to the harbour (thank you very much Mike!) and after another wet crossing we fell into our beds.

Four birds: A&A and two Swallows
Today Annika woke up very late (at 12oclock) …We didn’t have breakfast with Bee and Ed because they had gone out already. At lunch time we went for a walk and when we came back we found a Jackdaw that was stuck in Kraken’s garden.

Sun bathing at South Stream
We found a Cinnabar caterpillar on a Ragworth plant

Anabel with the Jackdaw

Annika with the Jackdaw
In the afternoon we went for a swim. The water is rather cold but it was good fun. 

Don't worry we have not turned into frogs: The water is so cold that we have to wear wet suits

In the evening we will have a BBQ at the farm and everyone living on the island will join. We are looking forward to it!


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