Sunday, 2 August 2015

Island Adventure


we are Anabel (12 years old) and Annika (13 years old). We come from Germany from the Lake Constance. Bee (Birgitta) is Anabel’s aunt and she is the warden on Skomer. We will stay 10 days on Skomer Island and we want to tell you about our experiences, so we will write a diary. 

First day:
On the first day we walked from North Haven to Garland Stone. We saw lots of gulls and seals. Then we helped Bee, with the visitors. We showed them the way from the boat to the top of the cliff. After lunch we explored the beach and we found:

-a long, thin fish, maybe a young eel
-snails (Winkles, Limpets & CO)
-Algae (Kelp, Furbelows & CO)
-a Grey seal

On the water and on land we saw a lot of Puffins…

In the evening we wanted to cook for Bee, but the researchers next door were weighing the Manx Shearwater chicks, so we helped them (so Bee had to finish cooking :-). 

At 9:30pm we walked to Tom’s House to ring the Storm Petrels. We had to climb down the cliff to the net and we were allowed to let the birds go.

So that was our first day, it was exciting and really amazing. 

Annika left and Anabel right


  1. what a full day, very interesting. I hope you have a really good stay with your Aunty Bee. I look forward to hearing more of your news.

    1. Thanke you for the nice comment. You will hear more about our little adventures on Skomer.
      Kind regards A&A